From our leadership team, to those working on site, to new team members, the energy and expertise our colleagues bring to the table is our defining advantage. Our team members below highlight one of our most valuable assets at QuadReal: our people.

  • Nisha Agrawal

    Director, Sustainability – Vancouver, Canada

    As a sustainability leader, Nisha is passionate about reducing QuadReal’s impact on the planet and inspiring new ways to engage with and give forward to our communities. A key player in QuadReal’s achievement of BOMA BEST across the Canadian portfolio, Nisha is a shining example of our value of collaboration in action. 

    One of my favourite parts about working at QuadReal is being surrounded by colleagues who are constantly striving for excellence and working together to achieve it.

  • Will Guan

    Director, Compensation – Toronto, Canada

    Since joining QuadReal, Will has led his team in delivering a competitive compensation program in addition to launching datadriven initiatives to improve talent decisions. Outside of work, Will enjoys playing volleyball and participates in an impromptu theatre group. 

    At QuadReal, I can always find opportunities for my own professional growth. I have built true connections with many colleagues sharing the same values, and it’s where I can be my most authentic self.

  • Taryn Kelly

    Director, Office, Commerce Court – Toronto, Canada

    As a leader, Taryn uses her sociology and psychology background to build strong customer service programs and business relationships. Outside of work, you can find Taryn learning new languages (she already speaks four) and planning her next vacation.

    QuadReal is still evolving in many ways, meaning there is opportunity at every turn to get involved with new initiatives. It is the ability to grow within the company that really excites me.

  • Pritpal Padam

    Director, Residential Training and Development – Toronto, Canada

    A lifelong learner, Pritpal is an integral part of QuadReal’s Residential team and works to deliver best in class service to QuadReal’s community teams across Canada. When he’s not launching creative programs, you can find Pritpal volunteering and spending time with his newborn daughter, Jezera.

    This organization cares about the impact and wellbeing of its teams. I feel supported and encouraged here, knowing that my colleagues have my back. I am grateful to be a part of the QuadReal team.

  • Sharlene Quian

    General Manager, Jamieson Place – Calgary, Canada

    After starting in the industry 20 years ago, Sharlene continues to be motivated by her teammates and remains passionate about helping others to realize their potential. Outside of the office, you can catch Sharlene staying active in a fitness class or out on a hike.

    I am proud to work for an organization that encourages people to be innovative, creative and take chances in their pursuit of excellence. Some of my own greatest achievements have been the rise after the fall.

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Built upon a strong foundation and guided by long-term vision, QuadReal’s team is formed from diverse and complementary backgrounds in Canadian and international investment, development and real estate management. As a company, we value diversity and inclusion and promote service excellence, responsibility, transparency and respect. As a team, we are forward-thinking, ambitious and proud of our roots.


Dennis Lopez+

Dennis Lopez

Chief Executive Officer Vancouver, Canada
Roger Chouinard G+

Roger J. Chouinard

Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary Toronto, Canada
Remco Daal+

Remco Daal

President, Canadian Real Estate Vancouver, Canada
Jonathan Dubois Phillips G+

Jonathan Dubois-Phillips

President, International Real Estate Vancouver, Canada
Headshot of Tamara Lawson+

Tamara Lawson

Chief Financial Officer Toronto, Canada
Diane MacDiarmid G+

Diane MacDiarmid

Chief Talent Officer Toronto, Canada
Headshot of Susan MacLaurin+

Susan L. MacLaurin

Chief Communications Officer Vancouver, Canada
Headshot of Michael Zea+

Michael Zea

Executive Vice President and Operating Partner New York City, United States

Melissa Cassar

Executive Vice President, Communications Toronto, Canada
Headshot of Lisa Chan+

Lisa Chan

Vice President, Corporate Real Estate Toronto, Canada
Neal Gilmore+

Neal Gilmore

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Data and Analytics Toronto, Canada
Jamie Gray-Donald+

Jamie Gray-Donald

Senior Vice President, Sustainability & Environmental, Health & Safety Vancouver, Canada
John Lee+

John Lee

Executive Vice President, Treasury & Capital Markets Toronto, Canada
Alison Morsley+

Alison Morsley

Senior Vice President, Human Resources Toronto, Canada
Anita Orazietti+

Anita Orazietti

Senior Vice President, Finance & Planning Vancouver, Canada
Sonny Thind+

Sonny Thind

Chief Technology Officer Toronto, Canada
Don Fairgrieve-Park+

Don Fairgrieve-Park

Executive Vice President, Operational Excellence Vancouver, Canada
Mike Snell G+

Mike Snell

Executive Vice President, Commercial, Eastern Canada Toronto, Canada
Scott Taylor G+

Scott Taylor

Executive Vice President, Commercial, Western Canada Calgary, Canada
Sarah Clarke+

Sarah Clarke

Senior Vice President, Office Toronto, Canada
Anthony Fallone+

Anthony Fallone

Senior Vice President, Capital Management and Technical Services Toronto, Canada
Richard Morden G+

Richard Morden

Senior Vice President, Office, Western Canada Calgary, Canada
Headshot of Rod Olsen+

Rod Olsen

Senior Vice President, Industrial Calgary, Canada
Jeff Rank G+

Jeffrey Rank

Senior Vice President, Leasing, B.C. Vancouver, Canada
Lucy Fletcher G+

Lucy Fletcher

Managing Director, Global Portfolio Management Vancouver, Canada
Peter Kim G+

Peter Kim

Managing Director, International Real Estate, Asia Hong Kong
Jay Kwan+

Jay Kwan

Managing Director, International Real Estate, Europe London, United Kingdom
Headshot of Jamie Weber+

Jameson Weber

Managing Director, International Real Estate, Americas Los Angeles, United States
Daniel Gliksman+

Daniel Gliksman

Managing Director, Americas – East New York City, United States
Rob Lauer G+

Rob Lauer

Managing Director, U.S., Industrial Los Angeles, United States
Thomas Blangy Headshot+

Thomas Blangy

Senior Vice President, International Real Estate, Europe London, United Kingdom
Kristian Branum-Burns Headshot+

Kristian Branum-Burns

Senior Vice President, International Real Estate, Europe London, United Kingdom
Abriel Chan+

Abriel Chan

Vice President, International Real Estate Los Angeles, United States
Darren Chan+

Darren Chan

Vice President, International Real Estate New York City, United States
Ryan Chan Headshot+

Ryan Chan

Vice President, International Real Estate, Asia Hong Kong
Bing Cheng+

Bing Cheng

Senior Vice President, Asset Management, Industrial New York City, United States
Adam Francis+

Adam Francis

Vice President, Asset Management, International London, UK
Headshot of Max Golopol+

Max Golopol

Vice President, International Real Estate Hong Kong
Joe Leahy+

Joe Leahy

Vice President, International Asset Management New York City, United States
Pankaj Maharjan+

Pankaj Maharjan

Vice President, International Portfolio Management Vancouver, Canada
Nat Miller G+

Nat Miller

Senior Vice President, Asia Hong Kong
Yukihisa Murata G+

Yukihisa Murata

Senior Vice President, Asia Hong Kong
Jamie Rodgers+

Jamie Rodgers

Senior Vice President, Americas Los Angeles, United States
Graham Russell+

Graham Russell

Vice President, Americas New York City, United States
Brendan Schrader+

Brendan Schrader

Vice President, Americas New York City, United States
Carly Zapernick+

Carly Zapernick

Vice President, Development, International Los Angeles, United States
John Purcell G+

John Purcell

Executive Vice President, Canadian Real Estate, Portfolio Management Vancouver, Canada
Toby Wu+

Toby Wu

Executive Vice President, Development, Canada Toronto, Canada
Headshot of Paul Faibish+

Paul Faibish

SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, Development Vancouver, Canada
Jeff Hyde G+

Jeff Hyde

Senior Vice President, Development, Prairies Calgary, Canada
Jamie Manley+

Jamie Manley

Executive Vice President, Investments, Canada Toronto, Canada
John Marotta G+

John Marotta

Senior Vice President, Development Toronto, Canada
Thierry Keable Headshot+

Thierry Keable

Senior Vice President, Operating Partner Group Vancouver, Canada
Tomas Miranda+

Tomas Miranda

Senior Vice President, Operating Partner Group Toronto, Canada
Hunter Jordan+

Hunter Jordan

Vice President, Operating Partner Group Vancouver, Canada
Jim Ward+

Jim Ward

Managing Director, Canadian Real Estate Debt Toronto, Canada
Prashant Raj 2+

Prashant A. Raj

Managing Director, U.S. Real Estate Debt New York City, United States
Andrew Feldhuhn Web+

Andrew Feldhuhn

Managing Director, U.S. Real Estate Debt Los Angeles, United States
Danny Atkar+

Danny Atkar

Vice President, Canadian Debt Investments Vancouver, Canada
Andrew Black+

Andrew Black

Vice President, Canadian Debt Investments Toronto, Canada
Ann Holmes+

Ann Holmes

Director, Real Estate Debt Operations Victoria, Canada
Headshot of Yousaf Sami+

Yousaf Sami

Vice President, Portfolio Management and Capital Markets New York City, United States
Paul Stern+

Paul J. Stern

Senior Vice President, U.S. Real Estate Debt New York City, United States
Headshot of Rosemary Feenan+

Rosemary Feenan

Executive Vice President, Global Head of Research Vancouver, Canada
Juliet Cha+

Juliet Cha

Vice President, Asia Pacific Research & Strategy Hong Kong
Stephanie Chan+

Stephanie Chan

Vice President, Global Research & Strategy Vancouver, Canada
Shawn Gilligan+

Shawn Gilligan

Vice President, Canadian Research & Strategy Toronto, Canada
Michael Merwin+

Michael Merwin

Associate, Research, U.S. New York City, United States
Farhaz Miah+

Farhaz Miah

Vice President, European Research & Strategy London, UK
Jeffrey Munger G+

Jeffrey Munger

Senior Vice President, North America Research & Strategy Vancouver, Canada
Anthony Lanni+

Anthony Lanni

Executive Vice President, Residential Vancouver, Canada
Dean Holmes+

Dean Holmes

Senior Vice President, Residential Operations Toronto, Canada
Christine Williams+

Christine Williams

Vice President, National Operations and Administration Toronto, Canada
Andy Clydesdale G+

Andy Clydesdale

Executive Vice President, Global Retail Toronto, Canada
Chrystal Burns+

Chrystal Burns

Executive Vice President, Canadian Retail Vancouver, Canada
Jay Camacho+

Jay Camacho

Senior Vice President, Canadian Retail Toronto, Canada
Headshot of Max Kirkness+

Max Kirkness

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships London, United Kingdom
Dmitri Black+

Dmitri Black

Associate, Strategic Partnerships London, United Kingdom