Built upon a strong foundation and guided by long-term vision, QuadReal’s team is formed from diverse and complementary backgrounds in Canadian and international investment, development and real estate management.

From our leadership team, to those working on site, to new team members, the energy and expertise our employees bring to the table is our defining advantage. The in-house team respects tradition and innovation in equal measure, and is empowered to act boldly and be nimble when finding solutions and achieving results.

There is something undeniably Canadian about QuadReal. As a company, we value diversity and promote service excellence, responsibility, transparency and respect. As a team, we are forward-thinking, ambitious and entrepreneurial. We are also proud of our roots.


Dennis Lopez G+

Dennis Lopez

Chief Executive Officer
Steve Barnett G+

Steve Barnett

Chief Operating Officer
Roger Chouinard G+

Roger J. Chouinard

Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
Remco Daal G+

Remco Daal

President, Canadian Real Estate
Jonathan Dubois Phillips G+

Jonathan Dubois-Phillips

President, International Real Estate
Tamara Lawson+

Tamara Lawson

Chief Financial Officer
Diane MacDiarmid G+

Diane MacDiarmid

Chief Talent Officer
Susan MacLaurin G+

Susan L. MacLaurin

Chief Communications Officer
Michael Zea headshot+

Michael Zea

Executive Vice President & Operating Partner
Neil Chander headshot+

Neil Chander

Senior Vice President, Global Tax
Jamie Gray-Donald+

Jamie Gray-Donald

Senior Vice President, Sustainability & Environmental, Health & Safety
Thierry Keable Headshot+

Thierry Keable

Senior Vice President, Operating Partner Group
John Lee+

John Lee

Senior Vice President, Treasury & Capital Markets
Alison Morsley+

Alison Morsley

Vice President, Human Resources
Anita Orazietti+

Anita Orazietti

Senior Vice President, Finance & Planning
Don Fairgrieve-Park+

Don Fairgrieve-Park

Executive Vice President, Operational Excellence
Mike Snell G+

Mike Snell

Executive Vice President, Commercial, Eastern Canada
Scott Taylor G+

Scott Taylor

Executive Vice President, Commercial, Western Canada
Rob Lauer G+

Rob Lauer

Senior Vice President, Industrial, East
Richard Morden G+

Richard Morden

Senior Vice President, Office, Western Canada
Jeff Rank G+

Jeffrey Rank

Senior Vice President, Leasing, B.C.
Lucy Fletcher G+

Lucy Fletcher

Managing Director, Global Portfolio Management
Peter Kim G+

Peter Kim

Managing Director, International Real Estate, Asia
Jay Kwan G+

Jay Kwan

Managing Director, International Real Estate, Europe
Jameson Weber G+

Jameson Weber

Managing Director, International Real Estate, Americas
Thomas Blangy Headshot+

Thomas Blangy

Vice President, International Real Estate, Europe
Kristian Branum-Burns Headshot+

Kristian Branum-Burns

Vice President, International Real Estate, Europe
Ryan Chan Headshot+

Ryan Chan

Vice President, International Real Estate, Asia
Bing Cheng+

Bing Cheng

Vice President, International Real Estate
Daniel Gliksman G+

Daniel Gliksman

Senior Vice President, International Real Estate, Americas
Nat Miller G+

Nat Miller

Vice President, International Real Estate, Asia
Yukihisa Murata G+

Yukihisa Murata

Senior Vice President, International Real Estate, Asia
John Purcell G+

John Purcell

Executive Vice President, Canadian Real Estate, Portfolio Management
Jeff Hyde G+

Jeff Hyde

Senior Vice President, Development, Prairies
Jamie Manley+

Jamie Manley

Senior Vice President, Investments, Eastern Canada
John Marotta G+

John Marotta

Senior Vice President, Development
Toby Wu+

Toby Wu

Senior Vice President, Development, East
Jim Ward Headshot+

Jim Ward

Managing Director, Canadian Real Estate Debt
Prashant Raj headshot+

Prashant A. Raj

Managing Director, U.S. Real Estate Debt
Andrew Feldhuhn Web+

Andrew Feldhuhn

Managing Director, U.S. Real Estate Debt
Ann Holmes Web+

Ann Holmes

Director, Real Estate Debt Operations

Paul J. Stern

Senior Vice President, U.S. Real Estate Debt
Rosemary Feenan G+

Rosemary Feenan

Executive Vice President, Research
Charles Conrath+

Charles Conrath

Senior Vice President, Strategy & Analytics
Jeffrey Munger G+

Jeffrey Munger

Senior Vice President, Head of US Research
Anthony Lanni G+

Anthony Lanni

Executive Vice President, Residential
Anthony Fallone+

Anthony Fallone

Vice President, Capital Management and Technical Services, Residential
Dean Holmes+

Dean Holmes

Senior Vice President, Residential Operations
Andy Clydesdale G+

Andy Clydesdale

Executive Vice President, Retail
Chrystal Burns G+

Chrystal Burns

Senior Vice President, Retail, West
Jay Camacho G+

Jay Camacho

Senior Vice President, Retail, East