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QuadReal is reshaping institutional real estate investing by integrating in-house development, operations and property management with agile capital allocation across public or private debt and equity markets.

Our global investment strategy is forward-looking, rooted in the latest market intelligence and insights about market dynamics, not just for today but for the future. This application of experience and research has enabled us to grow, maintain and enhance the vitality of the global portfolios we manage on behalf of our stakeholders.

QuadReal’s in-house research team collaborates with our local and regional teams to determine where we invest and with whom. These research insights guide whether we use debt or equity to make investment decisions. Our discipline is to invest in only our highest areas of conviction. This results in portfolios that are resilient across economic cycles, minimizing volatility in returns. Our areas of conviction also drive the partnerships QuadReal establishes with operating companies.

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  • “From our experience, the best ideas don’t get stopped at the border. Our global teams embrace collaboration with our partners and one another, unlocking innovation across sectors, markets and geographies.”

    Jonathan Dubois-Phillips, President, International Real Estate
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