QuadReal Board of Directors 

QuadReal is governed by seven global and business real estate leaders who bring to their roles broad networks and deep expertise through their long experience in private and public-sector organizations.

The Directors’ backgrounds enable them to fulfill both their fiduciary Board oversight responsibilities and to bring to the table valuable insight and counsel.


Rita Achrekar+

Rita Achrekar

Board Member
Stephen Bellringer+

Stephen Bellringer

Board Member
J. Lorne Braithwaite+

J. Lorne Braithwaite

Board Member
Daniel Garant+

Daniel Garant

Board Member
Alastair Hughes+

Alastair Hughes

Board Member
Shauna Lukaitis+

Shauna Lukaitis

Board Member
Olivia Burns+

Lauralee Martin

Board Member

In Memoriam

Paul Cantor

Paul George Samuel Cantor (Jan 8, 1942 – Aug 10, 2018)

Founding Chair, QuadReal Property Group Board of Directors

Paul Cantor joined the QuadReal Property Group Board of Directors as its Founding Chair in June 2016 and served in that role until August 2018.

Community building, teamwork and delivering strong performance are at the core of everything we do. Giving generously to community and driving performance excellence were at Paul’s core too. This alignment is why Paul proved to be a leader of stellar inspiration, as he challenged, supported and encouraged others to be their best.

In the passage of time since Paul’s death, members of the QuadReal team continue to call upon his expectations of us and advice to us. We have created The Paul Cantor Award of Excellence to recognize colleagues who define a dedication to excellence. The Award, presented by our Board, is given to the person who making a long-lasting contribution to QuadReal and in a manner which reflects all of QuadReal’s values.