The foundation of our approach is to act ethically, responsibly and with integrity as we meet and exceed our stakeholders’ expectations. Our focus is fixed on continuous improvement and innovation to provide strong returns for our clients. 

  • “Being a real estate leader requires foresight and courage to make decisions that will make a sustainable future more likely for the stakeholders we represent as well as for the communities and environment where we build and manage buildings.”

    Remco Daal President, Canadian Real Estate
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Leading with

With a view to what’s next on the horizon, we know more sustainable returns on our investments and long-term client satisfaction depend on our ability to stay ahead of global real estate trends and deliver results by managing risk.

Our team prioritizes innovation that gives us a competitive advantage. We rise to global challenges by testing, scaling and adopting new technologies and techniques, increasing our operational efficiency and providing better service.

We are committed to continually exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders, and we do this by embedding and measuring ESG throughout our company. With this focus, we take a systemic approach to understanding our impacts, identifying and prioritizing our most opportune levers for positive change.

Our pursuit of excellence demands improved business performance. This means we adopt adaptable, responsible strategies that yield tangible progress, as we endeavour to set the model for our industry through innovation, progressive practices and an open-source approach to idea-sharing.

A Path of Continuous

​​​​​We believe it is important to provide a complete and transparent picture of QuadReal’s performance. We are certified in accordance with ISO 14001, and tools like our Environmental Management System (EMS) are utilized to guide portfolio-wide operational improvements.  

We provide regular updates using all the real estate management metrics of Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) to enable easy comparison to other firms. In addition, we voluntarily disclose our Canadian portfolio emissions data in accordance with the GHG Protocol.  

Committed to Transparency

QuadReal is the only pension real estate company in Canada to disclose our vendor code of conduct publicly. This code covers a broad range of topics, including bribery and corruption, bullying and whistleblower protections. We also publish other ESG data and performance details—from policies to procedures and more. 

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ESG at QuadReal 

Being a Responsible Company means we disclose our actions and progress across environmental, social and governance impacts.