Buildings and urban environments are fast becoming the focus, and the playing field, for climate action. We aim to future-proof QuadReal’s portfolio by mitigating location-based challenges related to the effects of climate change. We increasingly view the ongoing climate adaptation transition and transformation across industries as an opportunity for higher performing buildings to be in greater demand. As we scan the horizon for new challenges, we are incorporating climate risk into our investment and development decision frameworks.

Developing a Secure Financial and Environmental Landscape

QuadReal’s focus on resilience means ensuring the integrity of our assets as climate-related risks evolve. We drafted our first Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) report in 2023 to provide our stakeholders with a transparent look at these efforts. It outlines how we are aligning with TCFD recommendations, making strategic decisions, setting targets, mitigating risk, and contributing to a balanced, net zero future.

Benchmarking our Performance

We have committed to net zero targets that align with leading global carbon commitment programs. Our pathway to net zero carbon is designed to be measurable and to reduce long-term risks while aligning with QuadReal’s plans for sustainable financial growth.

In Canada, we plan to prioritize carbon reduction at the property level driven by low-carbon energy use, deep retrofits and smart building intelligence, doubling our historical pace of progress on carbon reduction beginning in 2025. To hold ourselves accountable to our targets globally, we are layering expectations for target-based annual carbon reporting into our partnership agreements throughout QuadReal’s international portfolio.

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Our Targets are Science-Backed

QuadReal aims to build spaces that foster connectivity between people and green spaces. Access to the outdoors and environmentally-conscious enhancements are more than simple building amenities, these features contribute to our communities and a balanced planet. From contributing to food drives and neighbourhood cleanups to participating in community gardens and local art shows, we also place importance on being present in the communities in which we operate.

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