We take seriously our responsibility to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of the people in the communities where we work and live. We have an opportunity to be proactive and provide greater value to our tenants, residents, stakeholders and partners as we strive to leave a lasting, positive social legacy for future generations. 

  • “It is great to see expectations being set by organizations implementing benchmarks, such as GRESB, are always being updated. This raises the bar for the entire industry and has been useful in challenging and advancing our policies and practices at QuadReal.”

    Nisha Agrawal, Director, Sustainability
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Great Places
Advance Our
Quality of Life

By delivering on our commitments as a Responsible Company through socially-focused activities like giving and engagement, we can help our communities thrive.

People matter. We create life-enhancing, vibrant and engaging living and working environments for tenants, residents and guests, so they can be healthy and productive.

Through thoughtful placemaking, QuadReal contributes to the resilience of local economies by creating spaces that improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Cultural hubs provide a space for creative expression, diverse perspectives and learning. As a result, communities are enriched at the intersection of real estate and inspiration.

QuadReal for Good 

Our community program is built upon the collective experiences and commitments of our team members. Together, we support vibrant and welcoming places that contribute to community resilience, aligning our priorities with the priorities we see in our communities. 

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Human Connectivity Is Built-In

​​​​​At QuadReal, we aspire to create equitable and accessible spaces by fostering diversity and inclusion in our decision-making, including diversity of thought and opinion. Our approach includes continuously evolving our implementation of universal design principles for accessibility so everyone, no matter their ability, can feel like they belong. 

​​​​​ESG at QuadReal 

Being a Responsible Company means we disclose our actions and progress across environmental, social and governance impacts.