Jameson Weber

Managing Director, International Real Estate, Americas New York City, United States

Jameson Weber joined QuadReal in January 2018. As Managing Director, International Real Estate, Americas, his focus is on building the international portfolio, with an emphasis on our strategy in the Americas region.

He was formerly a Vice President and part of the founding team at Hightower, a leading real estate technology company, where he was responsible for both product strategy and business development. Previously, he held senior positions at Oaktree Capital Management and Cerberus Capital Management where he focused on equity and debt investments in commercial real estate and corporate real estate and securities. Prior to that he worked in the real estate group at Morgan Stanley.

Jameson holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.

Jameson is an employee of QuadReal USA Services LLC, which acts in an advisory capacity to QuadReal Property Group.