Since 2018, we have welcomed more than 300 interns, each and every one a contributing member of the team. That’s just one reason why our interns can add so much value at QuadReal. They will get hands-on experience while collaborating with their peers and teammates. QuadReal’s interns will learn from them, but they will learn from our interns too.

Our recruitment team is dedicated to connecting students and new graduates to opportunities within QuadReal that will help them achieve their career goals. We offer meaningful and flexible opportunities across Canada and in the United States. QuadReal welcomes its interns to all lines of business, including accounting and finance, asset management, building operations, cybersecurity and IT, development, portfolio management and property management.

During their time at QuadReal, interns will have the opportunity to meet new people and build their professional networks. Our colleagues and leaders play an active role in engaging our interns through day-to-day mentorship. On top of that, our career development initiatives include corporate speaker series, case competitions and intern volunteer days. We are proud to be the 2020 recipient of UBC Sauder‘s Co-op Employer of the Year Award, which is a reflection of the full support and participation the program receives from team members across QuadReal.

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Please Be Aware of Phishing Scam Involving Fraudulent Job Postings

QuadReal has been informed of phishing scams where individuals are imitating the QuadReal brand to post fake job descriptions and make false job offers. These individuals may ask for personal information, banking details or money.

Please note our approved email domain

Our approved emails will come from only the following domain: Please ensure when you are corresponding with QuadReal, you send only to addresses ending in

Recruitment fraud is unfortunately becoming increasingly common. QuadReal is working actively to reduce the instances of our brand being used for fraudulent activity. QuadReal would never ask for money, credit card information or banking information as part of a job application or send applicants to a third party who would ask for money. Additionally, QuadReal will never extend an offer of employment without a personal interview.

Our available job opportunities are posted on

Tips to Identify Scams

  • Use of incorrect or misspelled domain names or email addresses. When looking at an email, check for typos and misspellings of QuadReal and/or non-QuadReal email addresses. Our approved emails will come from
  • Offer of employment without personal interviews. QuadReal will never extend an offer of employment without a personal interview. These may take place in person or virtually and serve as a way for our team to meet you.
  • Request for financial information or money. QuadReal will never ask prospective employees for their financial information or for payment to apply for a position at our company. QuadReal will also never send applicants to a third party who asks for money.
  • Use of generic language or sense of urgency. Scammers often use generic language and little specific information to trick more people. They may also use language that creates a feeling of urgency to force you to take quick action.

If you have any questions or suspicions regarding any job posting or communication allegedly by or on behalf of QuadReal, please contact us immediately.

My internship experience allowed me to adapt to new environments, make new connections, grow my passion for real estate, and be challenged every day. I’m thankful to have participated in QuadReal’s internship program which provided me with the opportunity to return in my current full-time role. I would highly recommend the internship program as it was an experience to remember.

Karalee Stewart, Property Administrator

QuadReal interns
QuadReal interns
Collage of QuadReal interns
QuadReal interns
QuadReal interns
QuadReal interns
QuadReal interns

Our interns always bring a brand new approach to how we tackle projects and are so good at asking questions. It is exciting to see the next generation grow and how keen they are to learn, make an impact and be a vital part of the progress we are making.

Nisha Agrawal, Director, Sustainability