Activity Report 2021-2022

Reflecting on another memorable period of time since our inaugural report, we continue to cherish the dedication of our colleagues, which has enabled us to deliver strong performance to our clients and make progress on our journey to fully being a Responsible Company to all our stakeholders. At QuadReal, our teams can be proud of the contributions they make today and for an even better tomorrow.

We invite you to join us in celebrating all that has been achieved this year, in large part and with thanks to the strong foundations and connections our teams have built.

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The data provided in the above figures corresponds to the QuadReal Activity Report for the 2021-22 period, at the time of its publication.

  • “Time and time again teammates across the globe demonstrate their dedication and unparalleled work ethic to deliver strong, sustainable returns to BCI, RBC GAM and their clients. This is while frontline colleagues engage each and every day with our tenants and residents to ensure their comfort, wellness and safety. Everyone has been attentive to the needs of those around them, working collaboratively and creatively. It all reinforces to me the value of being part of a well-connected community of professionals as we strive to share the same spirit in the neighbourhoods of which we are a part.”

    Dennis Lopez, CEO
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Our Vision

To be a leading global real estate partner, recognized for making meaningful contributions to our communities while delivering strong investment returns and prudent growth. Now and for generations to come.

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Our Purpose

To create living and working environments that enhance the lives of the people and communities we serve.

  • Our Values

    At QuadReal, we are committed to living our values. They support our vision and purpose and inspire us to achieve excellence. They reflect who we are as a company, inspire our culture and are a touchstone for everyone on the team.

  • Integrity is Our Foundation

    We demand integrity as we strive for excellence and value openness, transparency and the diverse views which make us stronger.

  • Collaboration is Our Strength

    We believe in collaboration to work efficiently and effectively as we deliver service excellence to customers, stakeholders and each other.

  • Innovation is Our Mindset

    We champion innovation as we discover excellence with creativity and forward thinking.

  • Performance is Our Focus

    We measure every aspect of our performance in the thoughtful pursuit of excellence and value.

  • Responsibility is Our Promise

    We lead with a fundamental responsibility to our clients and communities to build excellence now and for generations to come.

Focusing on performance

Excellence in performance means a commitment to meeting and exceeding benchmarks. We focus on creating world-class portfolios and programs by seizing opportunities that deliver value to our stakeholders. We take inspiration from and share the best ideas from Canada and around the world to enhance the performance of assets in every marketplace where we operate.

QuadReal’s real estate team outperformed the MSCI benchmark by 180 bps on a three-year basis.

Attribution analysis confirms that outperformance is a function of value-add strategies, including development, asset allocation and well-timed dispositions.

  • Income Return –
    QuadReal Global
    Capital Return –
    QuadReal Global
  • Income Return –
    Capital Return –
5.0% 3.0%
2.2% 4.0%

QuadReal for Good

Our purpose is to create living and working environments that enhance the lives of the people and communities we serve, all around the globe.

As a Responsible Company, we take to heart our commitment to make meaningful contributions to the communities where we work and live. In concert with and in support of all our stakeholders, we strive to leave a lasting, positive social and environmental legacy.

Finding Us in Our Communities
175 + different charities supported with donations in 2021–2022

Doing Our Part

We have a teamwide dedication to integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) into our planning, decision-making and performance evaluations.

Overall, we take a systematic approach to understanding our ESG responsibilities—identifying and prioritizing our biggest levers for positive change.

We do this in support of our commitment to stronger communities and because this aligns us fully with all our stakeholders, including BCI, RBC GAM, their clients and those who work for QuadReal. As we continue to be a Responsible Company, our sound governance model allows us to hold ourselves accountable, support our investing and business activities and foster a culture of integrity and excellence.

QuadReal Activity Report 2021-2022 Edition

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