Real Estate Debt

We manage and service a dynamic real estate debt program in the range of $10 billion.* 

With a 20-year track record of delivering market-exceeding returns to BCI and its clients, our team has the goal of enhancing the performance, diversity and breadth of the program. We have strong representation across key markets in North America, with team members based in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria.  

QuadReal’s prudent management of the program includes detailed underwriting, credit and financial analysis of all major tenants, guarantors and borrowers. Our in-house servicing team oversees all payments, discharges, cash flows, insurance expiries and borrower property tax payments.

*QuadReal Property Group Limited Partnership manages BCI’s real estate program. QuadReal Finance LP manages BCI’s real estate debt program. QuadReal Property Group Limited Partnership and QuadReal Finance LP are affiliated entities.

  • “This team’s depth and breadth of experience and how close connections are built with colleagues and business partners is what I really appreciate being at QuadReal. We are committed to delivering outstanding performance and service—in complete support of our global investment strategy.”

    Prashant A. Raj Managing Director, U.S. Debt Investments
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A £1 Billion Partnership

In 2022, we welcomed a new operating company, Precede Capital Partners, and made a commitment to invest alongside it to further enhance the opportunity to provide whole loan financing solutions in the UK. 

  • “What distinguishes how we make investment decisions at QuadReal are the benefits which flow from research-based areas of conviction married with idea-sharing across teams. Such collaboration means we can deliver to meet, if not exceed, our benchmarks we set for ourselves.”

    Jim Ward Managing Director, Canadian Debt Investments