The team at QuadReal is deeply committed to leading by example as we navigate the critical environmental issues facing the world. Doing business responsibly means contributing to a balanced and resilient planet. To achieve this, we are deploying evidence-based approaches and have set ambitious goals that make a positive impact in mitigating climate risk. We are building places that support enduring ecosystems for generations to come. 

A collage of a different QuadReal properties

Net Zero Targets Unlock Innovation

We recognize and respect the limits of what our ecosystems can provide and withstand. This thinking informs our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact. By stepping up to do our part, we are seizing opportunities to rethink traditional practices and unlock innovation.

Our property and community teams play a critical role in implementing innovative technologies at our buildings to advance our progress toward net zero. We are deploying renewables, making our buildings energy efficient and helping our tenants and residents be active participants in a low carbon future.

We are investigating circular, closed-loop design to seize significant opportunities in process efficiency and cost reductions, diverting or reducing waste-to-landfill and playing our part in accelerating society’s transition to a circular economy.

We partner for a positive impact on the environment, such as helping the BC Parks Foundation enhance and pass on the legacy of BC’s provincial parks through their efforts to protect land, water and conserve ecosystem health, while providing opportunities for people to connect with nature.

Our Pathway to Net Zero 

QuadReal strives to make a positive impact in mitigating climate risk through investments in practical, cost-effective solutions to reduce our carbon footprint. We are committed to net zero carbon by 2050 for all the assets we manage in alignment with science-based carbon reduction goals. 

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ESG at QuadReal 

Being a Responsible Company means we disclose our actions and progress across environmental, social and governance impacts.