Team Cloverdale Offers Space to Community Organizations

Team Cloverdale Offers Space to Community Organizations

Cloverdale Mall, a 32-acre shopping centre located in the Etobicoke area of Toronto, ON, is the site of one of QuadReal’s exciting redevelopment projects. Given the history of Cloverdale Mall and its current role as a community asset, QuadReal has been committed to supporting the surrounding community through programming and engagement initiatives.

In 2018, QuadReal opened the Cloverdale Common, a dedicated community space where residents and neighbours can come to learn more about the redevelopment plans, voice their opinions and engage in various community programs including art and health and wellness classes.

Pivoting with the Pandemic

In response to community service closures due to the pandemic, QuadReal’s Development team began thinking of ways to help the community during this difficult time. The team recognized the value of the vacant space formerly occupied by Target and, in partnership with the City of Toronto, began to explore different ways it could be repurposed for use by community organizations in need.

In April 2020, QuadReal donated the use of 110,000 square feet of space to five community organizations recommended by the City of Toronto. GlobalMedic and other local groups began using the space to expand their operations to meet the increased demands on their services created by the pandemic.

Working with GlobalMedic

At the end of March 2021, GlobalMedic will be reaching a significant milestone—the packaging of one million pounds of food since February at Cloverdale. The David McAntony Gibson Foundation, which operates as GlobalMedic, is a registered Canadian charity that has provided disaster relief and life-saving humanitarian aid since 2002.

In response to the pandemic, GlobalMedic has carried out a series of programs designed to assist institutions and people affected by COVID-19. At the Cloverdale space, GlobalMedic has packed 25,000 hygiene kits for use at food banks, shelters and similar institutions across the country. Additionally, GlobalMedic volunteers have been repackaging meal staples for food bank distribution, sorting skids for The Mississauga Food Bank and have packed over 41,000 food hampers for North York Harvest and 50,000 hampers for Feed Ontario.

“It’s important that we as community members come together during these tough times. For us at QuadReal, we are thrilled to be able to donate this space to community organizations doing great things and supporting those in need,” said Ben Gilbank, Director, Development.

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