In Real Time – Season 2 Ep. 4 | Trust + Communication = PropTech Success


There’s always a better way. Innovation is a core value at QuadReal, and championing innovation means we discover excellence through creativity and a forward-thinking approach. This mindset contributes to how we deliver strong investment returns. It also helps determine the tools we leverage to make prudent investments now and for generations to come.

In this episode, Raj Singh, Co-founder and CEO at Altrio and Lucy Fletcher, Managing Director, Global Portfolio Management at QuadReal join Dat Huynh to tell the story of how a successful product grew out of an opportune partnership. From sticky notes and spreadsheets to real-time data updates, they discuss how an innovative solution grew out of trust, communication and the exchange of ideas.

QuadReal’s partnership with Altrio to develop the deal-pipeline management tool, Origin, demonstrates the value of strategic collaboration. Origin symbolizes our commitment to innovative practices and reflects what can be accomplished when like minds work together. Check out this episode to learn more about how this story began and how Origin continues to transform investment management processes.

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