QuadReal and Fitwel release new report: “A Better Box”

QuadReal and Fitwel release new report: “A Better Box”

In collaboration with The Center for Active Design (CfAD), the sole licensed operator of Fitwel®, the healthy building certification system, QuadReal is proud to announce the release of “A Better Box,” a new report outlining a series of evidence-based guidelines for supporting better health and wellness outcomes at industrial sites.

In 2021, QuadReal became one of the first to receive full Fitwel certification for our Canadian office portfolio, highlighting our ongoing commitment to being a Responsible Company. Even prior to COVID-19, the industrial sector faced challenges brought on by the rapid growth of e-commerce, a tightening labor market, and high levels of employee turnover. Although the pandemic further heightened these challenges, it provided an opportunity to optimize industrial spaces for occupant health and wellness.

In the context of a rapidly growing industry, the report highlights practical recommendations for three industry-specific impact areas:

· Maximize Location and Site Accessibility

· Design Functional and Supportive Interiors

· Establish Resilient Spaces that Promote Productivity and Preparedness

“We are committed to creating working environments that enhance the lives of the people and communities we serve. Our teams are pleased to have collaborated on this report, which will significantly promote and support healthier environments for industrial building occupants everywhere,” said Jamie Gray-Donald, Senior Vice President, Sustainability & EHS, QuadReal.

Read the full press release and visit Fitwel to download the report.

Health and wellness have always been a top priority at QuadReal. Most recently, QuadReal achieved Fitwel approval under the Viral Response Module across its entire Canadian office portfolio, highlighting our team’s ongoing commitment to being a Responsible Company. To learn more about QuadReal’s partnership with Fitwel, please read our partnership profile.