We See Community

At QuadReal, community is where we thrive. Communities can be physical or virtual – it’s about thinking holistically about the places we live, work, shop and visit. Community is all around when you seek to embrace spaces as opportunities for connections. Throughout this year, the QuadReal team will release a series of themed messages connected to how We See Community all around us.  

Green spaces in cities play a vital role in climate action

Urban forests can lower temperatures in cities by as much as 25% by alleviating the heat island effect. On top of enhancing our wellbeing, parks and trees help remove harmful pollutants and reduce the amount of carbon in the air. 

To support the growth of our urban forests, we have been working with Tree Canada, a national non-profit organization dedicated to planting and nurturing trees in rural and urban environments. Every time an intern joins the QuadReal team, we plant a tree in their name!

Allowing trees to thrive in cities is key to addressing climate change. QuadReal will continue exploring nature-based solutions at our properties to help the environment and encourage people to reconnect with the natural world.

Show your appreciation for urban trees today.

Woman and child walking dog in a park

At QuadReal, community is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to create meaningful change in the communities where we work and live to leave a positive social and environmental legacy. We engage with our team members, tenants, residents and visitors to determine the most important needs of the communities where we do business and contribute where it is needed most.

Our approach to community