We See Community

At QuadReal, community is where we thrive. Communities can be physical or virtual – it’s about thinking holistically about the places we live, work, shop and visit. Community is all around when you seek to embrace spaces as opportunities for connections. Throughout this year, the QuadReal team will release a series of themed messages connected to how We See Community all around us.  

Giving your household items a fresh start 

Each year Canadians throw thousands of tonnes of furniture into landfills. That does not account for textiles, appliances and other household and commercial waste. While it may feel good to declutter our home or office, it often comes at a high cost to our natural environment, including the quality of our air, water and land.  

The problem is big – so what is the solution?  

Repair, don’t dispose 

Giving life to a new household item can be fulfilling and helps reduce waste. Furniture can be reupholstered and wooden pieces can be refinished. For small appliances, consider visiting a Repair Café, where a knowledgeable community member will help fix your microwave or toaster and extend its life, and save you money.  

There are Repair Cafés in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Ottawa. You can also start one in your city!  

Sewing machine

Donate thoughtfully  

Dropping off your items at a nearby charity store might seem like an easy solution, but your old belongings may not end up in someone’s home. Instead, call the charity first and see if they have a need for your used item. If your goods are very old or not working, it may not be a good fit for the store.  

Consider calling Furniture Bank or Habitat ReUse store. Your municipal website will likely list additional solutions in your community.  

Case Study: Commerce Court diverted 108 tonnes of office waste in 2017 

QuadReal partnered with Green Standards to divert office furniture and other durable items. The property team had three office spaces which were vacated with the furnishings left behind. By working with Green Standards, the team was able to divert 99% of the content, which included office desks, chairs, artwork and office supplies.  

We invite our residents and tenants to send us ideas to increase waste diversion and repurposing at our buildings.

Email us at [email protected] 

At QuadReal, community is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to create meaningful change in the communities where we work and live to leave a positive social and environmental legacy. We engage with our team members, tenants, residents and visitors to determine the most important needs of the communities where we do business and contribute where it is needed most.


Our approach to community