We See Community

At QuadReal, community is where we thrive. Communities can be physical or virtual – it’s about thinking holistically about the places we live, work, shop and visit. Community is all around when you seek to embrace spaces as opportunities for connections. Throughout this year, the QuadReal team will release a series of themed messages connected to how We See Community all around us.  

Embracing innovation for a sustainable future

Did you know that QuadReal properties across the country offer electric vehicle charging stations? It is a simple but effective amenity that supports residents and tenants who drive electric vehicles.  

When it comes to tackling our own carbon footprint, the QuadReal team continuously pilots new technologies while also continuing to pursue deep retrofits to achieve greater operational efficiencies.  

Most of the buildings we will be managing over the next 50 years are already built. It is therefore critical that QuadReal and its industry peers continue to seek ways to make Canada’s existing building stock low-carbon. We believe we can collaborate and innovate toward a more sustainable future.

Charging electric vehicle

Curious to learn more about carbon innovation at QuadReal? Email us at [email protected].

At QuadReal, community is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to create meaningful change in the communities where we work and live to leave a positive social and environmental legacy. We engage with our team members, tenants, residents and visitors to determine the most important needs of the communities where we do business and contribute where it is needed most.

Our approach to community