UPPlift:Toronto – QuadReal and the City of Toronto select winning innovators

UPPlift:Toronto – QuadReal and the City of Toronto select winning innovators

UPPlift: Toronto today announced the winning innovators selected to pilot their smart city technologies in test-beds across the city, through the first-ever Urban Pilot Program in Toronto.

The program, launched earlier this year, focuses on bridging the gap between emergent smart city technologies and building and infrastructure operators seeking innovations to enhance the city’s liveability. Participants participated in workshops and received mentorship and professional support from partners including QuadReal Property Group, Microsoft, Intel, the IESO, Fasken Law, and Build in Canada Innovation Program, a Federal Government initiative.

QuadReal Property Group and the City of Toronto selected these smart city innovations to be piloted this month in properties owned by QuadReal and by the City. These solutions leverage emerging technologies including Internet of Things (IoT), advanced sensors and artificial intelligence, to enhance facility efficiency or improve the citizens’ experience of the built environment. The selected innovators will receive technology support, and expertise from Microsoft and Intel, and a Start-Up Program legal service package from Fasken. Qualifying solutions will also benefit from $25,000 from the IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator) to cover pilot costs.

“Our panel of judges was very impressed with the quality of the innovations proposed during the UPPlift: Toronto program and put a great deal of thought into determining the final five,” said Remco Daal, QuadReal’s President of Canadian Real Estate.  “At QuadReal, we take pride in harnessing technology to improve the experience of our tenants, residents and visitors.”

For further information on the winning innovators, please read the full media release issued today by Urban Living Futures, creator of UPPlift:Toronto. A link to this release follows below:

Urban Living Futures: New Technologies Selected for Testing in Toronto’s First Smart City Pilot Program