Sharing an update on QuadReal’s commitments to its key stakeholders

Sharing an update on QuadReal’s commitments to its key stakeholders

Team QuadReal is committed to prudent growth, strong investment returns and respect for the interests of its clients, customers, communities and each other. It is a team focused on excellence which makes these aspirations possible. And how far we have come together. Since inception in 2016, we have expanded far beyond our Canadian roots from a committed team of five to a global team today of over 1,200 talented professionals. The ability to collaborate effectively and live each and every one of QuadReal’s values is central to delivering performance and service.

“QuadReal’s success comes from the dedication and unparalleled work ethic of our teams, as well as from the tremendous support of our clients, Board of Directors and partners. My thanks are many and I hope that when everyone looks at this Activity Report they feel a sense of accomplishment for all that we have navigated and achieved working side by side these past few years. Looking to the future, it is this foundation along with discipline and innovation that will ensure resiliency and results of which we can continue to take pride.” – Dennis Lopez, Chief Executive Officer

Activity Report Highlights

In 2021, with assets under management now close to $70 billion, we met and exceeded our benchmarks for both the real estate equity and debt programs. Outperformance was close to 8 per cent for the real estate equity program and 2.7 per cent for the real estate debt program. The ability to deliver this level of consistent performance is a testament to a strategic, researched-driven approach and the expertise of the teams working across our global portfolio – teams which include more than 700 people on our frontlines in Canada.

Additionally, our development teams are leading important projects in the markets we target, with a five-year pipeline of $20 billion. This level of activity enriches local communities and provides sustainable accommodations to the most discerning of tenants, retailers and residents. Within our home province of British Columbia, for example, the economic impact from development projects is over $6 billion (2019 to 2023).

As we reflect on this recent time frame – including community engagement activities and environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities – we invite you to view our Activity Report and a video below. Please also join us in acknowledging all we have achieved together and the foundation we have set for the future.

View our Activity Report and video