Better Together

Updated: October 2020

Dennis Lopez Headshot

The new decade began in a way none of us had expected or faced before. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in residents at our multi-family properties traveling less and working from home more, and office and retail tenants have found themselves distanced from their workplaces, colleagues and resources. As the pandemic prompted new ways of living and working for everyone in our global community, we have continued to make the health, safety and well-being of tenants, their guests, service providers and colleagues our highest priority.

Now, as we plan how to navigate and excel in the “next normal,” we balance being prepared with being adaptable. And we must balance our need for connection with the requirements to keep each other safe. We will do this together.

In the months ahead we will welcome office and retail tenants back to our Canadian properties. QuadReal teams have worked diligently to ensure a return that is safe and includes industry-leading practices. We know that our tenants have questions about what a return to the workplace will look like. QuadReal has therefore created a practical tool that we will also follow at our corporate offices: Better Together: A Playbook to Support You in Returning Employees to Your Workplace (PDF). Our commitment is to collaborate with our partners and tenants as efficiently and effectively as possible in using this Playbook and enhance it over time based on our collective experience.

As we partner with all our stakeholders, we are also guided by our respected, local health authorities, Health Canada and the World Health Organization. Thank you to all of our valued tenants, residents, partners and guests for also following the good advice of these public health officials. And thank you to our colleagues and industry peers for their tireless efforts in navigating this new environment in order to ensure our communities thrive.

As U.S. President Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” And we will be doing this together too. I am inspired every day by how we collaborate and support each other, even as challenges remain.

The team at QuadReal joins me in wishing you, your families and associates well.

Dennis Lopez