QuadReal Launches on February 1st

QuadReal Launches on February 1st


On Wednesday, February 1st, QuadReal launched as a company by assuming responsibility for the management of a portfolio of real estate assets across Canada and welcoming more than 300 new members to its team.

To mark the occasion, QuadReal employees were up bright and early to serve coffee, pastries, and a warm welcome to tenants in more than 140 commercial and industrial buildings. In total, some 40,000 tenants in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and other major Canadian cities were served and formally introduced to QuadReal’s team.

February 1st marked a major milestone for QuadReal’s exciting future and offered employees an opportunity to build connections with tenants, as well as with one another. As the company continues to grow, employees will work alongside residents, tenants and guests to deliver a level of engagement like no other, demonstrating meticulous attention to detail, and being responsive to their needs. QuadReal aims to create and sustain places that positively contribute to people’s lives, bringing value to everyone — not just for now, but for the benefit of future generations.

We look forward to continuing to build connections, every day.