Introducing QuadReal CONNECT

Introducing QuadReal CONNECT

At QuadReal we are committed to providing our tenants and residents with a level of engagement like no other by demonstrating a meticulous attention to detail and being responsive to their needs.

One immediate way for tenants to communicate with our property team about their day-to-day needs is QuadReal CONNECT, our customer service centre. QuadReal CONNECT replaces ClikFIX at our managed properties, effective February 1st, 2017.

QuadReal CONNECT is a powerful platform that provides tenants with maximum flexibility to contact and interact with us:  it is multi-channel, including telephone, email and web contact options.

QuadReal CONNECT service request email:

[email protected]

QuadReal CONNECT toll-free service request number:


QuadReal CONNECT service website:

While QuadReal CONNECT will provide to our tenants easy and accessible interaction with our team members, in person contact and service are equally important. We are hands-on, and QuadReal CONNECT is just one of many touchpoints that will help us build connections, every day.