In Real Time – Season 2 Ep. 3 | Home is where the community is


Parkbridge, Canada’s largest developer, owner and operator of land lease communities, has been creating accessible and affordable lifestyle communities across the country for over twenty years. In addition to their enthusiasm for the residential asset class, Parkbridge and QuadReal have a lot more in common as organizations and teams: a commitment to service excellence, sustainable investment and growth, and community building. These shared values have established the roots of a ten-year-long partnership.

Lifestyle communities such as cottage resorts, and retirement and family communities are gaining in popularity, offering an affordable approach to homeownership. But what exactly is a land lease? What are the key differentiators of land lease communities and how do they benefit the multiple stakeholders involved? In this episode, Rob Voigt, Director of Planning, Parkbridge, joins Dat Huynh to answer all these questions and more, with an emphasis on the combination of attainability and liveability land lease communities offer to their residents. Dive into this conversation to learn how Parkbridge supports the creation of meaningful connections and a sense of community to the places we call home.

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