In Real Time – Season 2 Ep. 1 | Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders


This is an episode that’s close to my heart, because I started my career in commercial real estate as an intern at QuadReal. I soon came to see that, as a company, we have strategic convictions to make long-term investments, but not just limited to real estate projects. We invest in people too, and today we’re going to highlight how we do that through our Campus program. The program is designed to bridge students to a variety of opportunities and concentrations throughout our company and in our industry.

In this episode, Jennifer Husband, Campus Program Manager and Brandon Francis, Director, Investment Management – Residential, join me, Dat Huynh, on an audio tour of the program. They discuss what internships mean to them, how they can benefit students and, most importantly, how prospective student applicants can join us.

Our Campus program is designed with the students’ experience top-of-mind, connecting today’s leaders with those of tomorrow. In January 2021, QuadReal earned the coveted University of British Columbia’s Outstanding Co-op Employer of the Year award, a testament to the meaningful experiences we provide. If you’re someone seeking a challenging and engaging opportunity, be sure to listen to this podcast episode to learn more about how you can join QuadReal as an intern.

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