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You care about our community. We do too.

At QuadReal, community is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to create meaningful change in the communities where we work and live to leave a positive social and environmental legacy. We engage with our team members, tenants, residents and visitors to determine the most important needs of the communities where we do business and contribute where it is needed most.

Our approach to community

Spotlight: Gratitude to Healthcare Workers at Cloverdale Mall

Cloverdale Mall in west Toronto enjoys a strong community connection. The mall’s slogan is All You Need and this past year, it also meant immunization. As a longstanding neighbourhood fixture, it was no surprise that Cloverdale Mall became host to one of Toronto’s large scale immunization clinics beginning in April 2021.

The clinic, a pioneer of a “languages spoken” notice board recognizing the need for inclusivity, administered more than 120,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine by July to about 3,000 people daily. All those vaccines meant a busy summer for the 320 frontline and healthcare workers running the clinic. To acknowledge their efforts over spring and summer, while recognizing the work ahead, the Cloverdale team organized a “Take a Break on Us” celebration. Between August 2 to 6, frontline and healthcare workers enjoyed a socially distanced outdoor picnic catered by local food vendors. The site was set up with a tent, picnic tables, chairs and benches alongside a different food truck each day to create a place to enjoy the event safely.

Having the opportunity to host a safe outdoor, week-long celebration brought joy and a sense of normalcy to everyone in attendance. Inspired by Cloverdale Mall, let’s continue in the same spirit of gratitude and appreciation to one another this holiday season and beyond. Communities are only as strong as the support people have for one another.

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