We Care Too

Whether you save energy, sort your recycling or volunteer with a cause close to your heart, your actions are an important part of who you are.

You care about a better future. We do too.

At QuadReal, we want to help you reach your sustainability goals while we achieve ours. Our property teams work hard to make our properties and amenities more sustainable. Over 95% of our portfolio is green-certified, with increasing emphasis on certifications that focus on positive health and well-being.

How we do our part

Spotlight: Connecting with Water Indoors and Outdoors

As humans, we have an innate connection with bodies of water. We flock to nearby lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. While we all appreciate the need to conserve water and keep our water sources clean as individuals, at QuadReal, we think there is a role for buildings as well. Here are examples from our properties in Toronto and Vancouver that demonstrate we care too.

Southcore Financial Centre (/SFC), Toronto, ON

/SFC is proud to provide tenants and visitors an outdoor oasis featuring indigenous and adaptive species gardens, designed to mature over time as part of the St. Lawrence Lowlands ecology. The use of native vegetation reduces the need for water in landscaping while supporting biodiversity, promoting soil health and attracting pollinators such as bees, butterflies and birds.

The complex also features a rainwater harvesting system that helps conserve toilet water on multiple floors, and landscape irrigation.

Broadway Tech Centre, Vancouver, BC

Broadway Tech Centre’s campus is landscaped with local, natural elements and reflective pools and waterfalls, offering contemplative and lively common spaces for tenants and guests. Drought-tolerant plants native to coastal BC include: Pacific Dogwood, Vine Maple, Sword Fern, Oregon Grape, Evergreen Huckleberry, grasses and wildflowers.

For stormwater management, Broadway Tech Centre utilizes four green roofs. Each year, the roofs absorb approximately 10 million litres of rainfall—equivalent to four Olympic-sized swimming pools—thus diverting it from our stormwater infrastructure.

Graphic of a woman sitting in front of a lake

Have an idea for a water conservation feature or program? Email us at [email protected]quadreal.com.

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