Built upon a strong foundation and guided by long-term vision, QuadReal’s team is formed from diverse and complementary backgrounds in Canadian and international investment, development and real estate management.


Dennis Lopez G+

Dennis Lopez

Chief Executive Officer
Dean Atkins+

Dean Atkins

Executive Vice President, Head of Mortgage Investments
Steve Barnett G+

Steve Barnett

Chief Operating Officer
Roger Chouinard G+

Roger J. Chouinard

Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
Remco Daal G+

Remco Daal

President, Canadian Real Estate
Jonathan Dubois Phillips G+

Jonathan Dubois-Phillips

President, International Real Estate
Tamara Lawson+

Tamara Lawson

Chief Financial Officer
Diane MacDiarmid G+

Diane MacDiarmid

Chief Talent Officer
Susan MacLaurin G+

Susan L. MacLaurin

Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications
Tom Sheraden Med Res+

Tom Sheraden

Chief Technology Officer
Rebecca Catley G+

Rebecca Catley

Vice President, Corporate Communications
Cheryl Gray G+

Cheryl Gray

Head of Special Projects, Operational Excellence
Jamie Gray-Donald+

Jamie Gray-Donald

Senior Vice President, Sustainability & Environmental, Health & Safety
Thierry Keable Headshot+

Thierry Keable

Senior Vice President, Global Transactions
John Lee+

John Lee

Senior Vice President, Treasury & Capital Markets
Alison Morsley+

Alison Morsley

Vice President, Human Resources
Anita Orazietti+

Anita Orazietti

Senior Vice President, Finance & Planning
Doug Reid G+

Doug Reid

Senior Vice President, Business Process Development
Don Fairgrieve G+

Don Fairgrieve-Park

Executive Vice President, Operational Excellence
Mike Snell G+

Mike Snell

Executive Vice President, Commercial, Eastern Canada
Scott Taylor G+

Scott Taylor

Executive Vice President, Commercial, Western Canada
Rob Lauer G+

Rob Lauer

Senior Vice President, Industrial, East
Richard Morden G+

Richard Morden

Senior Vice President, Office, Prairies
Jeff Rank G+

Jeffrey Rank

Senior Vice President, Leasing, B.C.
Lucy Fletcher G+

Lucy Fletcher

Managing Director, International Real Estate Portfolio
Peter Kim G+

Peter Kim

Managing Director, International Real Estate, Asia
Jay Kwan G+

Jay Kwan

Managing Director, International Real Estate, Europe
Tim Works G+

Timothy Works

Managing Director, International Real Estate, Americas
Thomas Blangy Headshot+

Thomas Blangy

Vice President, International Real Estate, Europe
Kristian Branum-Burns Headshot+

Kristian Branum-Burns

Vice President, International Real Estate, Europe
Ryan Chan Headshot+

Ryan Chan

Vice President, International Real Estate, Asia
Bing Cheng+

Bing Cheng

Vice President, International Real Estate
Daniel Gliksman G+

Daniel Gliksman

Senior Vice President, International Real Estate, Americas
Varinder Grewal G+

Varinder Grewal

Vice President, International Real Estate
Nat Miller G+

Nat Miller

Vice President, International Real Estate, Asia
Yukihisa Murata G+

Yukihisa Murata

Senior Vice President, International Real Estate, Asia
Jameson Weber G+

Jameson Weber

Global Head of Special Situations
John Purcell G+

John Purcell

Executive Vice President, Canadian Real Estate, Portfolio Management
Jeff Hyde G+

Jeff Hyde

Senior Vice President, Development, Prairies
Jamie Manley+

Jamie Manley

Senior Vice President, Investments, Eastern Canada
John Marotta G+

John Marotta

Senior Vice President, Development
Marc Ricou G+

Marc Ricou

Senior Vice President, Development – BC
Toby Wu+

Toby Wu

Senior Vice President, Development, East
Jim Ward Headshot+

Jim Ward

Managing Director, Canadian Mortgage Investments
Andrew Feldhuhn Web+

Andrew Feldhuhn

Managing Director, US Mortgage Investments
Ryan Bradford Web+

Ryan Bradford

Vice President, U.S. Mortgage Investments
Ann Holmes Web+

Ann Holmes

Manager, Mortgage Servicing
Vivian Lai Web+

Vivian Lai

Vice President, Canadian Mortgage Investments
Kevin Ryan Web+

Kevin Ryan

Vice President, U.S. Mortgage Investments
Rosemary Feenan G+

Rosemary Feenan

Executive Vice President, Research
Charles Conrath+

Charles Conrath

Senior Vice President, Strategy & Analytics
Jeffrey Munger G+

Jeffrey Munger

Senior Vice President, Head of US Research
Anthony Lanni G+

Anthony Lanni

Executive Vice President, Residential
Anthony Fallone+

Anthony Fallone

Vice President, Capital Management and Technical Services, Residential
Dean Holmes+

Dean Holmes

Senior Vice President, Residential Operations
Andy Clydesdale G+

Andy Clydesdale

Executive Vice President, Retail
Chrystal Burns G+

Chrystal Burns

Senior Vice President, Retail, West
Jay Camacho G+

Jay Camacho

Senior Vice President, Retail, East