What can we expect when we come back to our office building?

Upon your return, you can expect to see continued reduced occupancy at the property, either due to the potential of new government orders that restrict the numbers of employees that can be at the workplace at any one time, or due to efforts to maintain physical distancing in common areas where it could be challenging such as building entrances, elevators, escalators and food courts.

Do we have to wear a mask when we return to work?

Masks must be worn in public areas where mandated by authorities having jurisdiction.

  • Masks will be worn by building cleaners, maintenance staff, porters, concierge and security team members when in public areas of the building or when in tenant premises.
  • Contractors working at the property on behalf of QuadReal or a tenant will be required to wear a mask when onsite.
  • It is required that masks be worn when in elevators, washrooms and in any common area where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Where mask mandates have been lifted, building cleaners, maintenance staff, porters, concierge, contractors and security team members will continue to wear masks in public areas of the building and in tenant premises. QuadReal strongly recommends the continued use of masks by our tenants and visitors in common areas of the property.

Everyone is responsible for acquiring their own PPE (QuadReal will not provide masks or gloves). All PPE must be disposed of in garbage bins labelled “PPE disposal.”

Source: Health Canada COVID-19 Guidelines

What have you changed to ensure we are safe before returning to work?

QuadReal engaged a national team to develop a comprehensive checklist and Return to Workplace guidance plan to ensure all building systems and equipment were reviewed and assessed prior to the re-occupancy of our properties.

This included:

  • Immediate replacement of all air filters and increased frequency of scheduled filter replacement.
  • Increase run times to enhance building airflow.
  • Increased fresh air intake up to 100% where possible.
  • Inspection of filter frames to ensure proper fit and sealing in order to minimize air bypassing the filters.
  • Disinfection of all air distribution devices (supply, return and exhaust air grilles and diffusers).
  • Maintenance of a relative humidity of 30% (winter) in occupied spaces and to a maximum of 50% (summer).
  • Increased testing of our water treatment in cooling towers, closed water systems and water features.
What changes have been made to the cleaning procedures in place?

To help protect the health and safety of our building occupants, the frequency of cleaning in high-touch and high-traffic areas has been increased and all cleaners are required to wear masks and gloves.

Knowing that most of the time a person spends in the office is at their desk, it is recommended that a thorough cleaning take place after each use. To help protect everyone’s health and safety, the materials on your employees’ desks and around their workstations should always be kept to a minimum. At the end of each day, desks and meeting tables should be clear of all materials except for items that are plugged in.

Source: Health Canada Cleaning and Disinfecting

How will the elevators operate with regulations in place?

With reduced elevator occupancy, you should expect longer wait times. Lines will form in elevator lobbies providing space for physical distancing. The size of elevator cabs eliminates the ability to meet physical distancing protocols, as such the following will be implemented to support the safe use of elevators:

  • Follow the signage posted communicating the maximum number of passengers and the following elevator etiquette:
  • Select your destination when entering the cab and move to the furthest open space from the door.
  • Decals on elevator floors indicate where you should stand and which way to face.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer immediately after using the elevator.
What are the protocols if there is a case of COVID-19 in my building?

Upon learning that an individual has tested positive within three days of being in the building, areas visited by that individual that we customarily clean—including common areas and all common touch points—will be disinfected in compliance with the World Health Organization and the Public Health Agency for Canada recommended cleaning protocols. Tenants are advised to ensure that areas under their control are cleaned in accordance with the recommended cleaning protocols.

Source: Health Canada Disinfecting Public Space

How will we know about new cases of COVID-19 in the building?

If we are made aware of an individual testing positive after being in the building, we will notify other tenants in the building while ensuring that the privacy of the individual is maintained.

Will you still be hosting events for your tenants?

As we continue to practice physical distancing, all events that promote social gathering are suspended at this time. Although we are unable to engage with you in person, the health and well-being of our tenants and communities remain of the utmost importance to us at QuadReal.

QuadReal will continue to send out regular issues of The Quad, a newsletter that shares useful tips, resources and much needed good news stories that bring people together, spark conversation and promote small efforts that help maintain mental, physical and social well-being. To subscribe to The Quad, please email [email protected].

How are parcels and deliveries being handled?

Building management and security will wear masks and gloves when handling all parcels, mail and deliveries. Delivery personnel will be required to wear PPE, maintain physical distancing while in the building and adhere to the general rules and regulations of the building.

Will I still be able to park my car or bike at the building?

QuadReal’s priority will be to ensure that parking is available to those who have this provision as part of their lease. Knowing that many people will be returning over a phased period, we will work with you on possible flexible parking arrangements. Please contact the Property Manager to discuss parking options available. Parking availability for visitors, or those without a parking entitlement, will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. We ask that you follow good hygiene etiquette by washing your hands or using hand sanitizer after locking up or removing your bike.

What do we do in case of a fire drill or emergency?

In the event of a fire drill or other immediate threat, evacuation is to take precedence over physical distancing. Every effort should be made upon reaching a muster point to maintain 2m/6ft of distance between employees, however the safety of employees from immediate danger is the priority. We expect everyone to re-occupy buildings in phases and recommend that you consider having a trained floor/fire warden working on the premises in the event an emergency occurs.