To be a leading global real estate partner, recognized for
making meaningful contributions to our communities
while delivering strong investment returns and prudent
growth. Now and for generations to come.



To create living and working environments that enhance
the lives of the people and communities we serve.



QuadReal’s values reflect who we are as a company, define our culture and shape the people who work here.

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is our Foundation

We demand integrity as we strive for excellence and value openness, transparency and the diverse views which make us stronger.


is our strength

We believe in collaboration to work efficiently and effectively as we deliver service excellence to customers, stakeholders and each other.


is our focus

We measure every aspect of our performance in the thoughtful pursuit of excellence and value.


is our mindset

We champion innovation as we discover excellence with creativity and forward thinking.


is our promise

We lead with a fundamental responsibility to our clients and communities to build excellence now and for generations to come.

Our vision and purpose inspire us to excellence.  Along with our values, they guide us like a north star to define the role we each play in making the future bright for all.

Susan L. MacLaurin, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications