We understand what buildings mean to people, and what they contribute to each neighborhood. The properties we manage are much more than bricks and mortar – they are the places where people live, work, shop and play. They shape communities, provide support, service, connection, and offer a stable presence in the lives of our residents, tenants and their visitors.

QuadReal’s approach is both entrepreneurial and ambitious. Our managed portfolio will be one of the largest in Canada, and we are committed to managing these assets sustainably.

John Purcell, Executive Vice President, Canadian Real Estate

QuadReal’s sustainably developed and managed buildings are envied in our class. We are committed to continually exceed the expectations of our tenants, employees, and the members of communities in which we work in four ways: efficiency, engagement, health and innovation.

Efficiency Recognize and monitor the impact of the portfolio we manage. We currently prioritize reducing energy, water, waste and their associated greenhouse gases.
Engagement Help tenants and residents achieve their goals. We strive to create a welcoming community for tenants, residents and their visitors and will help support them to achieve their sustainability goals, whether those are formal reduction targets or just living well.

Share with industry peers. Being a leader is not only about recognition or scores, it is about sharing insights and creating partnerships.  We measure success by how much progress the whole sector is making on sustainability targets.

Health Create places that promote wellbeing and productivity. Create and prudently upgrade buildings so that they are conducive to wellbeing and/or high productivity with features such as excellent indoor air quality. Provide resources to our tenants and residents so they can do the same.
Innovation Actively partner with leading vendors. We will nurture relationships with regional and global leaders and find ways to test new technologies, as well as scale up adoption of proven technologies that deliver environmental or social benefits.