Management and Investment Strategy

QuadReal aims to deliver prudent growth and strong investment returns by focusing on three key pillars:


  • Peerless service to tenants and residents in Canada.



  • Superior management in Canada, actively managing properties and development opportunities within the existing portfolio to ensure value is maintained and enhanced.
  • We focus on peerless service to tenants and residents, working with best-in-class partners, and building trusted relationships based on a foundation of respect and integrity.



  • QuadReal is committed to being a leading global real estate partner, recognized for making meaningful contributions to our communities while delivering strong investment returns and prudent growth. We drive performance from existing real estate, and grow the value of the portfolio by:
    • Creating living and working environments that enhance the lives of the people and communities we serve
    • Mining the existing portfolio for accretive development opportunities.
    • Continuing to invest in Canada and globally with a focus on Global Cities and core asset classes, including office, industrial, residential, and retail.
    • Pursuing a strategy with an international focus on investing in Global Cities, with first-class partners. We are pursuing a value creation emphasis on a build-to-core program in outperforming markets.