In Canada, the portfolio will include 40 million square feet of commercial real estate and 12,000 residential rental suites. The diversity of the portfolio is represented by Bayview Village in Toronto, World Exchange Plaza in Ottawa, Commerce Court in Toronto, Fifteen 15 in Calgary, and Park Place and NorthWoods Village in Vancouver.

By demonstrating a meticulous attention to detail and being responsive to their needs, QuadReal is committed to providing our tenants, residents and visitors with a level of engagement like no other.  One immediate way for tenants to communicate with our team about their day-to-day needs is QuadReal CONNECT – a customer service centre, staffed 24/7 by knowledgeable professionals dedicated to ensure needs are met as efficiently and promptly as possible. While QuadReal CONNECT is an easy and accessible tool to interact with on-site and regional real estate management team members, in-person contact is paramount to us. We are hands-on. Therefore, consider QuadReal CONNECT just one of many touchpoints between us.

Contact QuadReal CONNECT: 1.877.977.2262 |

Our tenants and residents look to us to provide strong service focused on their needs. The team at QuadReal delivers results because we share one common goal –  responsive and anticipatory service excellence.

Remco Daal, President, Canadian Real Estate

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