Being a Responsible Company

At QuadReal, we are committed to living our values. They support our vision and purpose.  To remain true to our values and to strive to always do better, it is important for us to keep evaluating and identifying opportunities for improvement.

As we move forward, we have taken the opportunity to formalize what it means to be a Responsible Company. Being a Responsible Company is a natural extension of our value of responsibility. With the input from and the involvement of our employees, we have created a roadmap to advance QuadReal’s journey to being a fully Responsible Company.

Being a Responsible Company - Values


QuadReal’s Stakeholders

A Responsible Company serves its stakeholders. As part of QuadReal’s roadmap, we have identified our key stakeholders and defined our specific commitments to them. These commitments include our promise to report back on a regular basis about how we do our part and advance communities where everyone knows they belong.


Our work environment is inclusive, respectful, collaborative and fair. We foster diversity in all forms, including diversity of thought and opinion.


We work to advance the quality of life in those communities through our actions, including charitable giving and local engagement.

Tenants, residents and partners

We treat our tenants, residents and partners fairly with respectful and open communication.


We act ethically and with integrity. We are focused on innovation and performance to provide strong returns for our clients.


We strive to have a positive impact on the environment. We invest in innovative solutions to reduce our environmental footprint.

Given our roots, QuadReal’s commitment to being a Responsible Company has been present since day one. At the same time, committing to the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion is a natural extension of these roots in what we achieve each and every day. Our stakeholders and our commitments to them inform and drive where we focus for today and the generations to come.

Dennis Lopez, Chief Executive Officer